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Who We Are

We are a group of experienced IP attorneys who believe that great legal service should not cost a great fortune. For over a decade, our attorneys have been trusted legal advisors to our clients. At Lee & Lin, our people are our strength. Our attorneys are passionate about solving our clients’ problems. We provide legal solutions that seamlessly fit the vision of our clients’ business.

What We Do

We help our clients secure and protect intellectual property rights around the world. We counsel clients, large and small, from boot-strapped startups to multi-national corporations, assisting them in accomplishing their business vision while guiding them in cultivating their intellectual properties. Our unrelenting goal is to help our clients grow their businesses through sound IP strategy and management.

Patent Filings

We work with inventors to prepare and draft U.S. utility patent applications and/or design patent applications. For international protection, we manage and coordinate international filings to ensure consistency and to maximize protection coverage.

IP Enforcement & Litigations

We help companies protect their business, whether through enforcing their IP rights or defending infringement allegations or litigations. We perform pre-litigation investigation and analysis. We counsel clients on enforcement planning and strategy.

Trademark Registrations

We help companies protect their brands. We perform searches and clearance and prepare and file U.S. trademark registrations. We also coordinate and manage international filings. We institute and defend opposition and cancellation proceedings.

Technology Licensing

We help our clients’ business grow by assisting them in technology licensing. We negotiate and draft licenses while advising our clients on issues related to agreements.

Due Diligence

We support IP-driven business activities. Whether a transaction is a merger & acquisition or an asset purchase, we make sure our clients know what they are buying or selling. We review, analyze and manage IP portfolios and make sure these assets are property protected.

IP Strategy & Counseling

We craft IP strategies that fit our clients’ business needs. Whether they want to stay small or grow to global influence, we counsel clients along the way to make sure their IP assets are secured and maximized.

Portfolio Analysis

We help our clients get a handle of their IP assets, from surveying what they have to counseling them on monetization strategies.

Freedom to Operate

We help our clients mange their IP risk exposure by conducting freedom to operate studies. We perform product clearance and noninfringment analysis and help our clients design-around blocking IPs.

Copyright Registration

We make sure our clients’ artistic expressions are protected by registering their work with the U.S. Copyright Office. We assist and counsel clients on copyright and fair use issues.

Client Focused

We always strive to deliver a finely-tuned IP solution right for each business, taking into consideration each client’s specific needs, goals and constraints.

Expert Lawyers

Our attorneys are seasoned IP veterans, ready to help you protect your intellectual properties.

Global Visionaires

Empowering our clients to become global leaders in what they do. We enable our clients to plan ahead and dream big without risking their IP protection abroad.

Strategic Advisors

From startups to established ventures, our wealth of IP expertise allows us to add value while crafting strategies.


Cultivate your IP, grow your business

Your company’s intellectual capital is its greatest asset. Not only is it comprised of the commercial value of licenses, brand names, trademarks, and patents, but also the sum total of all of its knowledge and intellectual property. As business moves away from a more traditional industrial economy, intellectual capital will become increasingly important.

Contact us now and and see how Lee & Lin IP can help you secure and protect your IP.

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